Pop Tart Social Sponsor

A weekly tradition our team has developed is pop tart social. Every Saturday before we get to work we bond over pop tarts. This is a good time for us to update each other on what each division has going on and have some fun. Harvest Foods is our new pop tart social sponsor. We are so grateful to the people in the community for how supportive they are of us.

Kick Off

Today was the official first day of the season, we are so excited! We gathered at the school early this morning to watch the kick off video and find out this seasons competition. All day we have been going over team strategy and doing some fun team bonding games. We are so excited to see what this season brings!

Service Saturday

For the last couple of months, Team 4125 has started doing "Service Saturday's." Our community has gave us so much support and we wanted to find a way that we could give back. We have decided to volunteer our time on Saturday's. When we hear about a volunteer opportunity or someone that might need a little extra help, our team is more than happy to jump in and take care of it. We have dug trenches, planted gardens, done yard work, and even sorted food for our local fire station to give to the families in need. If you know of anyone that might need help with something or is going through a hard time, you can get a hold of our team for us to come help. Contact Info:

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