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Week Two: Working in a Winter Wonderland

This has been a very busy and cold week for our team. This was the end of the semester which means finals week. The snow created an uproar. Despite these challenges, the team has been working hard and making progress.

Senior Keith building the control panel for the trench.

Build has been working on prototypes for a shooter, an intake, and a hopper. They've also got pneumatics up and running for the drive train. Programming has prepared all the code for the mechanisms that will be built and are developing vision, LED, and sensor programs. Marketing finished Chairman's pre-essays and the video outline. They are also coming up with ideas for the Chairman's presentation. Scouting has been very busy planning drive tryouts from field set-up to grading rubrics.

Part of our team and mentors gathering around for pulled pork sandwiches. Thank you, Tess!! <3

Today the drive team tryouts will be taking place after lunch. The official drive team will be announced in the near future. Build presented the intake and shooter prototype to the team and everyone is very excited.

Students, Anthony and Kaden with mentors, Mr. Sipe and Mr. Franks discussing pneumatics.

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