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"We strive to improve the community by sparking interest in STEAM and creating access to opportunities

for students everywhere."


Being from a rural community that lacks industry, our team has grown fond with the idea of resourcefulness.  When we need something done, we have used this mentality to get it done ourselves the best that we can. We also have long distance partnerships with businesses and engineers that  help us.  


Team 4125 "Confidential" was started in the small, rural town of Umatilla, Oregon in 2012. Our initial team only had nine members, and we have grown from there.


Our mentors are very supportive of all we do. They have willingly donated an average of 160 hours of their time during the build season alone. The mentors for team "Confidential" help us not only become better as a team but as individual members. 


Team 4125 builds leaders.  Through advocacy work, our students leave our team ready to make a difference.  We strive to help our students become their best selves.

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