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Regional Competition and Worlds!

This past weekend has been a very exciting and eventful weekend for the team. Our drivers worked hard and won seven of our twelve matches, while our scouters recorded the outcome of 128 matches. The competition in Cheney at EWU was the competition that decided whether or not we would be attending the FIRST Championship competition in Houston this year. After an amazing few days, we qualified for the Championship competition after being ranked 22 in the entire PNW and winning the Regional Chairman's Award! Our Chairman's presenting team (senior: Cam, junior: Fernanda, and sophomore: Alexander) is amazing, we are so proud of them! They get to present for the award at the Championship competition, a first for the team. We leave for Houston next week. And this year we're skipping the long bus rides and flying! We would love to thank everyone for the absolute support we have received throughout the year, we hope we can help our community in any way we can to show them the same support back.

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