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Competition Season Update

Umatilla FIRST Robotics Team hosted the Sundome event in Yakima! It was so much fun. We were the captains of an alliance with 4980 the Canine Crusaders and 5450 SHREC. Our alliance made it to the semi-finals, and 4125 was honored with the Team Spirit Award!

Thanks to our success at our two district events, we got the chance to go to the Pacific Northwest District Championship. Our robot didn't perform as well as we would've hoped, but either way it was a blast cheering for not only our team's matches but 4980's. We are so grateful to say that we were honored to receive one of the three Regional Chairman's Awards. The Regional Chairman's Award is giving us the opportunity to once again travel and compete in the World Championship competition in Houston, Texas.

Thank you all so much for your support! We couldn't have do any of it without you!! :) <3

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