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2021 Season Highlights

This has been an odd season for sure. We haven't been able to have any all-team events yet but we've done some small group gatherings and we've worked together in smaller teams when possible (and socially distanced) but we've still had some amazing highlights. Here's a few:

  • The movie about the 2016 team, "Big Dreams in Umatilla," aired on OPB! It's amazing to think of how much our community and our team has changed since then and it's fun to know what all those alumni in the film are up to now (spoiler- they're doing awesome!). You can watch the movie via OPB or PBS streaming for free, anytime.

  • The amazing Umatilla Museum board invited us to have our very own display at the museum. Isn't that incredible! Their grand opening, and our museum display reveal, is May 8th. THANK YOU, Umatilla Museum. This is a humbling honor and we are grateful.

  • We won the regional chairman's award! We'll find out who wins the PNW Chairman's award May 15th.

  • We started a new team! Classified, an all girls team, is learning quickly and doing well and we're super proud of them!

Thank you for your continued support of Confidential! We're a bit slow on responses and blogs due to our distance and new schedules but we're persevering and we hope you're doing as well as possible during the pandemic.

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