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Kickoff 2022

We are so excited for this years season to start! Amazing people from our community came and enjoyed this years kickoff video with us. Our Alumni joined us as well and really helped set the tone for this years season. We strategized this year's robot and ways we can score. This is many of our members' first year and they are very excited to start. Rafael Garcia said, "It was one of the most interesting experiences I've experienced in awhile." Jada Longoria said, "Our first kickoff experience was pretty fun and it was super funny."

Here is Mr. Sipe introducing our Alumni, (L/R Maddie, Lorenzo, Issac, Makayla)

Team bonding is a very key part in FRC, so to help us this year we played a game to help everyone get to know each other. The game was Do you know your neighbor? It really helped us learn names and break the ice.

This was the team playing, Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Watching the Kickoff video was probably the highlight of Kickoff Saturday. Considering is was the first for many.

If you would like to see what this years game is go to this link

It was really fun to see our Alumni and hear about where they are now.

From L-R, Front to Back: Megan Lorence (mentor, Concordia University- Education Degree, Math Teacher at CBMS), Makayla Chewning (wait list for Electrician's program, Educational Assistant at UHS), Madison Finck (Portland State University-Business Degree, Educational Assistant and Substitute Teacher at MHES), Anay Mendoza (Eastern Oregon University- Education Degree, Teacher at MHES), Mr. Franks (mentor), Anthony Borchert (BMCC, Parts Sales at Tom Denchel Ford), Mrs. Sipe (mentor), Isaac Nycz (Post-HS Intership at AWS, led to job at AWS), Lorenzo Vazquez (Post-HS Intership at AWS, led to job at AWS), Mr. Sipe (mentor), Mrs. Franks (mentor), not pictured because he was picking up our kit of parts but later attended, Caden Sipe (mentor, Eastern Oregon University, Exploring Trades Teacher at CBMS).

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