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Week 4: Starting February with Community Service!

This Service Saturday's crew posing after some hard work.

Today we put on our gloves and helped clean up our community. We picked up trash in a vacant lot for our school district and will be continuing this every Saturday for the rest of February. Last night we also also helped with our community's Tamale Night. We helped serve food and cleaned up the event. We got the chance to enjoy some delicious food and fun music.

Earlier in the week, build worked on the intake for the power cells and tweaked a few of the mechanisms so they all could work together. Programming re-did the button mapping on the controls for the robot to make the controls less complicated.

We are also excited to announce that our t-shirt order came in with this year'

s logo of the Stars Wars theme. It was designed by our team member, Naomie. It features Yoda as Mr. Confidential.

Build member, Kyleigh, modeling this years seasonal t-shirt.

Marketing is finalizing the Chairman's Essay and working on the Chairman's video. A few of our members are also making buttons to get ready for our first competition in West Valley. Lastly, logistics is preparing a tasty chicken pot pie lunch today for the team.

Stay tuned for the reveal of this year's robot name later this week!

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