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Week One: Here we go Again!

The first week of the 2020 build season has been a blast! It has been very productive and we are keeping a more organized shop schedule. The week started off with members returning from kickoff RE-ENERGIZED with new ideas.

Marketing having a group discussion with mentors, Mrs. Sipe, and Ms. Lorence

Build started the week by finalizing bot strategy and going over competition goals. Meanwhile marketing re-vamped social media by assigning members to respective accounts. The robot base and mechanism prototypes have been created by CAD. We expect to finish the drive train today, as well as, several prototypes.

CAD Lead Anthony, and Build Lead Makayla working on the robot's chassis.

The 2020 Confidential Chairman's team has been unveiled: Captain Elizebeth, veteran member Frank, new member Dre, and last but not least, alternate Alex. This years Chairman's theme has also been decided, which will stay confidential until the West Valley Competition.

Left to right: Sophomore Alex, Senior Dre, Sophomore Frank, Senior Elizebeth, and Mentor Mr.Olson..

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