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When COVID-19 put the brakes on the 2020 season

We'll never forget it- we'd just won Chairman's in Spokane and were feeling on top of the world. We had come home ready to make the changes we needed to Chief and get ready for the rest of season and we were happy, happy, happy! Then, the calls came. Mrs. Sipe got the call from the FIRST WA people letting us know we'd been exposed to COVID-19 in Spokane and all had to quarantined. It was scary, and unknown and we didn't quite know what to make of it all. We all got through our quarantine and thought the COVID-19 life was behind us, but it had only really just begun. Within a few weeks, our schools were closed, our shop was locked up and our lives had changed.

We found a way to give back by helping on the meal delivery buses but our "normal" off-season volunteering couldn't be done, our classes were online and our only team connections were virtual. It's been a hard year, and a tough 2021 season, but we're sure we're learning something from all this and will look back and realize that we did indeed become #umatillastrong.

Our only "team" photo of 2020. Thankfully, we got one of the Chairman's team before we left Spokane but we never were able to get a whole team photo.

Meal deliveries helped us stay connected to each other and the community

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